Why Are MPO Cables Popular?

by Jason
MPO Cables

MPO cables (Multi-fiber Push On), commonly known as MTP connectors, are fiber connectors comprised of multiple optical fibers required to transmit high-speed data to other network connectors. They were designed to reduce the amount of time spent while splicing specific connectors together. Choosing the right connectivity is essential; therefore, an excellent running cable requires MPO cables. A great .percentage of the world today is digitally inclined; thus, the number of network connections and the amount of data shared globally is growing drastically. MPO’s have become accessible to network operators and companies dealing in the Installation of fibers. You can read more on MPO cable. In this write-up, we will be discussing the benefits of MPO cables. 

Benefits of MPO cables

  • MPO cables are color-coded

The colors help distinguish different types and specifications. The cables are either single-mode, which have yellow jackets and a multimode. Multimode have flat ferrules. They are; OM3, which are aqua, OM4 are Erika violet, and OM5 is lime in color.

  • Male and female connectors

The cable has male connecters with pins and females with corresponding guiding holes. The fibers must match /face each other correctly. Mating is crucial to avoid any damages and to ensure continuity of network flow. If a female connecter is used on both sides, performance is compromised since the male pins are missing; therefore, fibers are not aligned. Also, using male connectors only is impossible. The connectors can be easily identified, thus making Installation simpler.

  • High-density multi fibers

MPO cables accommodate very many fibers, i.e., 8,12, 24 fibers within a single space. This reduces;  the time needed to connect fibers, cable load in raised floors to available servers, and also saves on space. The multi fibers also enable high-density connections between network devices and even high-speed data transmission such as 10G,40G, and 100G.  

  • No splicing required

It has a flexibility point, thus enabling the user to be equipment specific. You can add another machine with the same connectors at that. A standard cable, if spliced at both ends, has no demarcation that allows the user to change connectors; therefore, fibers have to be cut. For MPO cables, you can easily disconnect the connectors and replace them if needed. Also, considering the cables are assembled in the factory and are protected from environmental factors, splicing is not necessary hence better protection.

  • Push and pull design

The cables are quick and easy to install since they allow for simple insertion and removal of connectors, thus eliminating any unpredictable installation troubles. The design also makes the installation process short by an estimated 75%  compared to traditional LC cables.

  • Overall cost saving

 Generally, the use of the cables leads to lowered costs.No splicing is required. Installation is quick and easy and is usually pre-assembled; thus, you don’t have to spend an unimaginable amount of money on installation companies.  


MPO cable is an ideal solution for the growing demand for high-quality networks and data. With the many advantages, purchasing the cable is a must if you are looking to boost your network speed.

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