How to Pressure Wash Your Car Properly

by Jason

A pressure washer has multiple uses for cleaning, including being used as a car washer. This explains why it is a device growing in popularity globally. Today, everyone is trying to get a pressure washer because it makes cleaning convenient and fast. Moreso, you can use a pressure washer to wash multiple items, including your home, car, and other devices.

However, using a pressure washer requires some technical know-how. You can not clean a rigid surface with the same pressure needed to clean a car. If you persist, you may end up messing the car up. Pressure washers are great to help you wash your car in record time and without stress.

But you have to realize that your car is a fragile property, and washing it requires more skill than power. In this guide, we will show you the proper steps to take to wash your car with a pressure washer. Let’s go!

Choose a suitable pressure washer and nozzle

Yes, a pressure washer is an excellent way to wash your car optimally. But you have to be wary of the kind of pressure washer you choose. You would not want to use a pressure washer with high pressure, as it can damage your vehicle. Also, you want the pressure to be enough to wash off some stains without necessarily having to touch them. Therefore, the choice of pressure rating is vital while choosing the pressure washer for your car. If you want the pressure washer for multiple purposes, you can buy a high-pressure washer, but be sure to set it before using it on your car. At most, your pressure washer should be around 2000psi to wash a car. Another critical factor is the nozzle of the pressure washer. At least, your pressure washer’s nozzle should be about 25 degrees.

Get the car into a spacious environment

If you want to wash your car manually, you will need a lot of space to clean. When you are using a pressure washer for the washing process, you will also require a lot of space before you start. That is because the pressure washer is something you need to operate at a distance to the car. If you target a space too close, the pressure washer may damage the vehicle.

Rinse the car with water only

After getting your space, the first thing you want to do is rinse the car with pure water coming from the pressure washer. The water pressure from the device is enough to take off some dust and debris before you start cleaning with a detergent. You should keep a distance of more than 3 feet away from the car.

Apply a detergent to your vehicle

After rinsing, you can now get to the washing. If your pressure washer has a soap compartment, you can fill it up and wash it. With the pressure washer pressure, almost all dirt should be off. But if some dirt refuses to come off, you can try using a brush.

Rinse car thoroughly

After washing the car, you should rinse immediately with enough water. Ensure that there are no soap remnants on the vehicle.


Using your pressure washer as a car washer is excellent. You can follow the steps above to wash it optimally.

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