What is an Automatic Recirculation Valve and How Does It Work?

by Jason

The automatic recirculation valve manufacturers may not be the most common producers across the world, but what they produce is very important. If you ever need to use a Centrifugal Pump for anything, it means you are dealing with complex mechanical systems. As such, that means you need to work with different valves to Foster the success of the mechanical device and also protect your pump. Pump protection is important if you are dealing with a centrifuge. Centrifugal Pumps are not the most regular pumps you can find anywhere. Buying them means you need them for some complex structures.

These pump types are not the cheapest types of pumps around, as they come in different types. The more complex the pump is, the more costly it will be. After spending thousands of dollars to buy and install one centrifugal pump into a system, the last thing you will want is for that pump to get worse too quickly. Because it is a mechanical component, it is normal for wear and tears to happen and almost have the pump spoiled. However, the type of valve you use in the pump will determine if there will be some form of protection against such wear and tear.

An automatic recirculation valve is one of the numerous valve options you can choose from. However, this valve offers you more than enough protection for the centrifugal pump When there is any issue like cavitation. The best thing about this valve is that the protection it offers is automated, as the name implies. In this guide, we will be going over what the automatic recirculation valve means, how it works, and the industries that should rely on this valve type.

The definition of the automatic recirculation valve

Arc valve, as it is mostly referred to, is a type of valve that ensures that there is a certain flow that will pass through your centrifugal pump every time. Doing this, it offers some form of protection against cavitation and other damages that may be caused by heat. The valve ensures that the flow in the pump is always lower than the already arranged flow.

How does the valve work?

The automatic recirculation valve works through a sensor coming from a valve disk. This valve disk works with the flow and not the pressure coming from the system. This valve disk works with the fluid, ensuring that there is a particular volume going through the pump. Therefore, no matter how much the pressure increases or decreases, there is a constant flow rate in the pump.

Which Industries usually require the use of an automatic recirculation valve?

Automatic recirculation valves are useful in any industry that uses pumps. By pumps, we are not referring to the general pumps. Instead, the type of pumps that need automatic recirculation valves is centrifugal pumps. These pumps are very useful in moving liquids that are not water easily. These liquids may come in the form of sewage and oil. The idea is that liquids have a higher thickness than regular water. Some of the industries include

  • Steel manufacturers
  • Chemical industry
  • Environmental industry
  • Paper industry.

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