5 Pizza Box Branding Benefits

by Jason
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A lot of individuals can hardly pass through a week without eating pizza. So if you run a pizza brand, it is important that you invest in custom pizza boxes (know more).

Many owners of pizza brands may ask why they should brand a wholesale pizza box. What they don’t understand is that pizza box branding comes with a lot of benefits. 

We will show you a few of these benefits in this post. If you are ready, let’s get to the crux of this post. 

Why you should invest in branding your pizza boxes

Generally, there are so many benefits you can derive from branding any product or service. Branding plays an important role in how your prospects and customers perceive your pizza. 

If you get it right, you will be enjoying loads of benefits. Here are some of the benefits of investing in custom pizza boxes:

Stand out

The second a customer receives delivery of one of your boxes, an interaction between box and customer begins. Statistics show that this interaction may go on for up to ten minutes on average. What this implies is that with your wholesale pizza box, you can interact with your customers.

The quality of the interaction depends on how effective your pizza box branding is. It means that you need to work on the design of your box. You should design it in such a way that it is able to engage the customer efficiently.

Some pizza brands opt for uninspiring predictable designs for their boxes. This kind of box hardly strikes a chord in the mind of the customers. Because of this, the information on the boxes is forgotten in a jiffy. The same applies to regular designs.

However, with an attractive custom design, you can convey so much with very little effort. You can easily tell people why your pizza is different and why they should try yours out. 

Some of the elements you can add to your custom pizza boxes include a business name and logo. You can also play with your brand colors and include catchy graphics too. The best way to marry these together is by placing your logo in the middle as the main attraction. Fix all the other elements as peripherals to support the logo in the center.

To make your wholesale pizza box attract more attention, you can add some creative content. A family recipe might be really helpful in this regard. The whole idea is putting forward information that shows the uniqueness of your brand. 

Basically, you are telling everyone else how unique you are with your boxes. 

pizza box

Encourage sharing

As much as people love eating their pizza, they want to share with friends and family. What’s the point of keeping all of the pizza experience to oneself when it can be shared? 

You can channel your boxes to provide customers with the power to share their pizza. What this does for your brand is to increase publicity and patronage. How? You no longer have access to your customers, you have access to their loved ones for free.

The question is how does this work? Simple, make your boxes so attractive that when customers buy they want to take photos immediately. They wouldn’t be able to wait an extra minute without sharing these images online with loved ones. 

This is one of the easiest methods of promoting your pizza brand through pizza box branding. You can play with several options for making the customer more involved in the sharing process. One of these is adding written notes or drawings inside the boxes. You can also run a campaign online asking customers to tag you on their pictures online. 

These will show the customers that they are appreciated and gets them more involved. You can even do a small giveaway for the image with the most likes.

Be flexible with box shapes

We are all used to the traditional square pizza boxes and frankly, they have become quite boring. Today, different pizza brands have become more explorative with their custom pizza boxes. 

Rather than remain boxed in with regular pizza box shape follow the trend and explore more shapes. Technology has given us the opportunity to crease corrugated fiberboards and die-cutting to customize a wholesale pizza box. 

You can easily come up with different shapes for your pizza boxes using digital printing techniques. From circles to hexagons or corner-cuts, anything is possible. The only limitations you have with shapes are the ones you choose for yourself.

Another thing you can consider regarding box shapes is choosing reconfigurable boxes for your pizza box branding. This way you enhance the convenience of use and versatility of function. What this implies, in the end, is more impressions most of which will result in conversions.

Examples of reconfigurable boxes include boxes that can become lap trays or be folded as serving trays. These eliminate plates from the equation.

pizza box

Eliminate soggy bottoms

The idea behind pizza delivery is delivering hot fresh pizza every time. Once the pizza becomes soggy, the whole essence is lost. Today, we have boxes that have improved airflow which has helped to reduce the risk of sogginess.

As a pizza brand, you need to invest in boxes that have vents. Asides avoiding sogginess, you avoid the cardboard flavor that may be imparted to your pizza.

These are caused by trapped steam but with vents, you can eliminate all the steam. The ventilation makes the pizza taste better. However, technology has moved packaging to a new level. Now you have perforations at the top-center of boxes that pull moisture straight from the center of your pizza.

Going green

Our environment is going through changes from the detrimental effects of waste disposal. Due to this, customers are beginning to follow the green movement which is intended at saving the environment.

The onus is on producers to package their products using recyclable packages. As a pizza brand, you can also adopt these and attract more patronage. 


Custom pizza boxes provide your business with lots of advantages. It isn’t so difficult to get a wholesale pizza box these days. There are several companies online to help with your pizza box branding. If you have any demand for custom pizza boxes, visit websites like Zigpac.

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