What Role Does the Orifice Meter Play? The Benefits

by Jason

The orifice meter is one of the simplest devices installed in a flow system. Its core function is to measure the flow rate of any gas or liquid. It’s used as a restriction plate due to its significant pressure drops. Its popularity also stems from its structural integrity. They are also commonly used in water treatment plants and petrochemical plants. Are you ready to know more dual chamber orifice meter┬ábenefits? Keep reading!

Benefits of installing an orifice meter

Besides its resilience, the orifice meter has several benefits that make it stand out from other flow meters. That explains why people prefer it for most projects. Learn more below.

Easy installation

Perhaps the biggest advantage the orifice meter has over its counterparts is its ease of installation. This device can be installed without any special tools and by a technician with basic electrical knowledge. It’s also easy to remove when a need arises. That doesn’t mean you should just buy it and install it without being careful; get expert help if you can for quality results.

Easy calibration

Besides easy installation, the orifice meter’s calibration can be done by any technician. This is because the device is calibrated simply by following the instructions provided on the device purchase manual. Water or oil is commonly used for calibration. A technician should, however, do it right to avoid chances of calibration errors. The orifice meter also offers little or no pressure drop. If, in any case, it does, at least 60% of it is recovered.

Accuracy and efficiency

The device is also highly accurate once calibration measurement has been obtained. Additionally, these devices remain efficient and reliable for a long time. But don’t just assume everything is right. You can always check on the meter to have assurance that it’s working fine.

Easy maintenance

Another advantage over other flow meters is that they require little to no maintenance. These devices, once fitted, do not need constant adjustments, cleaning or further calibration. They are resilient and can last for years saving replacement and maintenance costs. They do, however, need checking once in a while for wear and tear. The orifice meter can be obtained in different sizes according to the user’s specifications.


Due to its ease of installation, the device is comparatively less expensive than other flow meters. Again, because of its simplicity, the orifice meter can be manufactured using different materials adding to its versatility. That means you go for what you want, whether an orifice or venturi meter. One difference between an orifice meter and a venturi meter is that the latter is a much more expensive method of calculating flow through a pipe and is much more difficult to make than an orifice meter. Some examples of the orifice meter include: water faucets, gas tips used in welding equipment and grease guns.

Final word

The orifice meter has become popular due to its build quality, simplicity, and efficiency. The device can be used in different areas, both large and small. The only requirement for the orifice meter is constantly checking the orifice plate for any signs of damage or corrosion.

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