The Art of Buying FUT Coins and Don’t Get Caught by EA

by Jason

We all know about the EA’s stance on buying credits from third-party traders. Veteran players know that as well and that’s why they are always super-careful when it comes to buying FUT coins from third-party websites.

Here is not a how to buy FUT coins type of guide, but more on how not to get caught in the process. In a way, it teaches you how to be discreet about your purchase and don’t alert the watchdogs at EA.

Reputation is everything

The FUT Coin trading industry is not regulated by any governing or independent body. That complicates matters, but it doesn’t mean you can’t distinguish the reputable ones from the shady ones. 

Here’s a set of traits that can help you identify a reputable FUT coin trader. 

Speedy delivery & refund policy

The general rule here is the faster the better. But it also needs to be noted that some of the biggest coin traders are at times overflown by purchase orders. Therefore, sometimes the purchase can be completed almost right away, while other times, the waiting period can be prolonged.

The best ones are thoughtful about people changing their minds by setting a refund policy. So, if you want to cancel your order, they will return your money – simple as that!

Wide Selection of payment processors

Typically, there isn’t a wide selection of payment processors if it is a shady trader. On the other hand, the best ones got lined up a bunch of them. Some of the most common payment processors used by FUT 20 coin traders include PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney, MasterCard, Visa, etc.

Great customer services

The best ones know that their reputation with their clients is everything about their business. They are also acutely aware that happy clients equal return business. The best FUT 20 coin traders have great customer support open to any questions and potential issues.

Consider other people’s experiences

Luckily for you, thousands of people every day buy coins and they do it without EA noticing. There are hundreds of online communities where FIFA 20 FUT players hang out and write about this stuff. The best part of that is they are more than willing to share their experience online.

Furthermore, even those that had negative experiences or somehow got pinched by EA’s watchdogs, they share their experiences as well. 

That way you are always up-to-date with what works and what doesn’t work that well. However, in most cases, buying FUT 20 coins is pretty much identical to buying any other virtual goods. Only on rare occasions, some people are being caught by EA. All of those cases are because either they’ve dealt with a shady coin trader or they’ve ignored all the advice and recommendations from the FIFA 20 FUT community.

Don’t buy too many coins at once

A massive influx of coins can easily catch the attention of EA’s watchdogs. So, if you want to make a considerable purchase, do it. But don’t do it all at once so that you don’t draw too much attention to your account. 

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