3 Sexy Article Marketing Benefits For You, Your Website and Brand

by Jason

1st Sexy Benefit – Article Marketing is Free

Yes that’s a sexy thought and in fact a fact. Article Marketing IS free and as such deserves your undivided attention. What other program, service or product is there that provides back links, PR and brand awareness all for free, zip, nada.

Short answer, there isn’t one. There’s no free advertising that can match article marketing. There are similar ways to get traffic to your website or get your brand noticed, and they cost bucks, more often than not, big bucks to get in front of the eyes & minds of your niche customers.

Article marketing gets not only those same people you pay for but also the ones you don’t pay for. By submitting your article to a few of the “Big Article Directories” (PR3’s and above) you actually glean readers from with the directories already frequented user database as well as those that are seeking info related to your article topic via the search engines, like Google (Big Daddy) Yahoo and MSN (The Kids)

The search engines, especially Google feed from these top directories for content and will return results based on latest, newest content listed first, older content second and so on. So therefore, by submitting your article to a few top notch article directories your placing content to be crawled and displayed in front of seekers wanting knowledge related to your specific info that you’ve written about in your article. Sweet isn’t it!


2nd Sexy Benefit – Article Marketing Gets You Known

That’s right, how sexy it is to be known for who you are and what you know. Most of us know something about something. It can be the littlest thing or the biggest of the big issues, but we do all know something about it.

Having said that and imagining you nodding your head in a knowing type way, I say to every one that reads this paragraph, “Write it down”. That’s it really. Write down your knowledgeable knowledge. There will always be someone somewhere wanting to learn from you even if you think that’s a load of crap.

As humans we all seek something, we all enquire, look into, ask, investigate, prod, poke and want. We do this cause we are programmed this way, it’s natural, it’s in our collective physique, it’s a sure fire way to make sure us and our species survive and thrive.

So if you can handle the in depth of life paragraph I’ve just written you’ll understand that you knowing something and writing about it will get people wanting to know about the subject or compare their ideas with yours while reading your article. Now that makes sense, doesn’t it? If it don’t then leave a comment at the bottom of this post. Let’s fire up this “seeking” debate.

Getting known for an idea or comment or thought can only be beneficial to your “Expert” status. Being regarded as an expert for anything is clearly beneficial and a direct link to having people find you and click onto your “expertiveness” (if there is such a word) en mass.

Article marketing strategists will tell you to be known and regarded as an expert for any topic or issue, product or service is like having an unlimited potential customer base cascade through your very own store front, twenty four seven.

By using the power of article marketing you are in effect, writing your way to niche traffic visiting your website or blog and best of all, keen people wanting to be associated with your brand, your presence and your knowledge. Value priceless, cost free.


3rd Sexy Benefit – Article Marketing Generates Website Back Links

What is a back link? It’s a sexy thing. A back link is an incoming link from another website linking to your site. The more back links from sites that are themed similar to your own, the more relevance search engines give to your site as being more relevant and quality based. Therefore, being placed higher in search results for any given search phrase pertaining to the theme or subject matter of your site.

The back link in search engine optimization terms is gold. The back link hooks up one site to another. Usually the best back link is the one coming from another site into your own without your site link to theirs. This is known as a one way link.

One way links are the gems search engines are looking for to place in their treasure chest. Generating many many one way back links will get your site ranked above thousands of other sites with similar content or themes as your own.

Article marketing is the best way to generate one way back links, beyond comparison. When writing an article you have the neat ability to write what’s known as a Authors Bio or Resource box at the end of your article. In this box you place relevant info about yourself (written in the third person) and hook it all up with a link back to your website.

Creating a link back to your website gives the opportunity for the reader to click to your site to see more AND cements a one way back link to your site so that the search engine (Google loves back links) will pick it up and score your site favorably, as it deems relevant back links to be .. gems.

So there you have some of my knowledge on why article marketing is a sexy benefit to you, your site & your brand. Now start writing and get sexy!

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