Why you should invest in classified ads

by Jason
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Classified advertising is turning out to be the most affordable way for startup and medium-sized businesses to connect with potential customers. In the current commercial environment, classified ads are a great way of promoting a company to the world in the cheapest way possible, especially for firms that cannot budget heavily for advertisements.  

Corporations are finding it easy to market their products and form brand names through the various forms of classified ads such as online and print media. It is advisable to invest in this type of brand and product promotion due to the multiple factors that make it suitable for businesses. In this blog post, we highlight the pros of free classified ads.

  • Saves time and money

The essential step that a business can take in ensuring positive returns is by reducing the cost of operations. Investing in classified ads offers a cheaper alternative compared to booking other forms of media space like radio and TV ads or in print media. It is even more affordable on sites that allow businesses to advertise for free.

On the other hand, it is more straightforward to create ads. No creative urgencies are needed, which makes it time-effective. Creating and posting an ad only requires one to come up with a short copy of the items to be displayed along with contact details. Many websites and publications that sell classifieds often offer assistance in case of intricate designs and ads.

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  • Effective in reaching potential customers

Investing in classified ads allows the business to concentrate on a specific niche and marketing area that reach the intended group of people and prospective customers. For the best result, it is advisable to place the ads in publications that would be distributed directly to the intended audience and sites that potential clients are likely to visit. Online classified services make it even easier for the business as they allow you to specify the areas you serve to broaden your reach.

In the case of local publications, it is essential to determine the readership of the papers so that the ads reach the right demographic.

  • Allows better access

It can be argued that radio and TV ads are great to reach more people, but it is not realistic for potential clients most of the time.  For instance, if someone has a leaking kitchen sink and is in search of a plumber, it is not possible to turn on a radio or TV and patiently wait for an ad for one. That’s where a classified ad comes in handy. They would be able to find you anytime as long as they have access to a publication or any print or website.


Most online classified ads allow interested clients to contact the business directly through the links or contact information provided on their websites. This spells more cases, and natural flow of information as people looking for goods and services can easily make inquiries by clicking the available links on their computers or smartphones or even send emails directly to the franchise.

The above factors make investing in classified ads the most appropriate and affordable way of reaching millions of potential customers on the web and other local publications.

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