SEO Strategies For Your WordPress Posts

by Jason

WordPress On Page SEO

There are a number of SEO Strategies for your WordPress posts that you can do to improve the organic rankings search engines like Google will give you. We all want to improve our rankings on the search engines so we can pull in a bigger reader audience, and that in turn may mean possible customers if you are selling something. Today I just want to touch on some very simple, yet extremely effective SEO techniques, that will make a big difference in your rankings.


The Use Of Keywords And Keyphrases For SEO

If you are writing an article, then pick keywords and a keyphrase that you want to get ranked for, and use these words in certain areas of the post. You might want to consider in the first and last paragraphs of the article, and even the headlines too. Think carefully about what keyphrase you want to get ranked for, because if you try one that is ultra competitive, then you might not get results that you are happy with. You could consider finding a long tail keyphrase that you could get ranked for quickly, and also ranked well. When I say rank well, I mean page one of Google.

When it comes to using your keywords and keyphrases in your blog posts, you can do several other things that will indeed help your cause for getting noticed by the search engines. Lets have a look at some more SEO strategies for your WordPress posts, that you can start using right away with your own work.

  1. Changing your text characteristics for your keyphrases. This could be as simple as making your keyphrase bold, or underlining it as well. Do not overdo it though, or it will appear spammy and the search engines will penalise you for your efforts.
  2. Using Heading Tags. If you want to start a new subject or sub-subject in the post, then use a H2 or H3 Headline because this will not only tell the reader the post has changed direction, it will also tell any search engines spidering your post. Again, do not overdo it, and keep it relevant.
  3. Using anchored text is very effective too, and should be part of every post you write on your blog. Have a variety of linking to your other posts and/or categories, and the occasional outbound link too. When using anchored text, it might be a good idea to use keywords or keyphrases that you want to be found for in organic search results. As an example, I might want to rank for installing WordPress on a Plesk Server, and if that were the case, I could anchor that text back to a relevant article.


WordPress Plugins For SEO

There are other SEO strategies for your wordpress posts that you can adopt with the use of certain WordPress Plugins. Some that comes to mind is are famous All In One SEO Pack, Headspace 2, and one of my favourites, the TinyMCE Advanced Plugin.

Each play different roles for SEO, and each is worth the time to install and learn to use. They are so simple to use that you really have no excuse for not using them.


Content Is King

At the end of the day, I can give you plenty of SEO Strategies for your WordPress posts, although there is one thing that will get you out in front each time, and that is awesome, and relevant content, that will spread virally because of the great value it will add to the reader’s life. So knowing this, and combining it with some simple on page SEO strategies, and you are on a real winner.

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