Mobile fitness apps can bring you hard cash

by Jason

As the mobile industry is flourishing fast, smartphone users wrap up most of their jobs from the comforts of their homes. When they have to learn a new language, they download an app for this. When they want to buy something or order food from the market, they download an app for the purpose. So, overall life is getting easier with the rise in the use of mobile apps.

Your mobile phone can be your instructor, recipe master, coach, health professional, and fitness teacher. It is profitable to build a mobile app and provide a high-quality service such as fitness training to your users in return for paid subscriptions. However, the popularity and success of your app will depend on the quality of different features of your app such as the sound. You can use Huawei’s audiokit android service to integrate into your app so that the instructions will be clearer for the users. Take a look at different types of apps that you can develop for your users.

Nutrition App

The first on the list is the nutrition app. These kinds of apps help users in tracking down how many calories they have consumed. You can ask the user to choose a product such as potato chips. Once he does that, the app will show the details of the weight of the product and the number of calories it contains. This is how users can either limit or add more of the product to their dietary routine.

Track Activity

This kind of app will track the activities of the users. Your users will be able to track how many kilometers they ran in the day, how many kilometers they covered on bicycles or how many hours they worked out in the gym. These apps will sync with the movement of the user and tell him or her how much distance he or she is covered during the day. This kind of app is interesting for the people who are looking forward to burning some calories. These kinds of devices are more appreciated if you can pair them up with wearables like smartwatches. Naturally, a user will find it difficult to use it on a mobile phone if he is running on a track. A smartwatch makes things easier for him. It will add more to the development cost but it is worth the price tag it carries in terms of return on investment (RoI).

Fitness Trainer App

This is one of the most common apps. If you are a fitness enthusiast and a trainer, you can build a simple app that will allow you to connect to your users. You can train them from the comfort of your home. A live video session is the best option to consider for this kind of app. You can do step by step workout and instruct your users to build a ripped body. People are short of time that’s why online trainer apps are greatly valued. You ought to make sure that you provide your users with practical instructions that deliver results.

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