How Free Mobile Apps Make Money

by Jason

After completing your app development, you want to make sure it is available in Huawei App Gallery. Before you do this, you need to decide where your app will be free or charge users to get it. Most app developers who charge for downloads are not aware there are other ways of generating money from apps. For instance, there are in-app purchases, advertising, and more. There is a misconception that free mobile apps do not generate revenue.

If you want to be successful with this approach, you need to come up with an innovative strategy. Remember that there are big players who are making a lot of money. Also, you can surpass their success if you follow the recommended app monetization strategies. Therefore, if you are still not sure whether to offer free mobile apps or charge for downloads, free is the best option.

These are some of the strategies to use in monetizing your free mobile apps.

Understand Your Users

It is advisable to carry out extensive research before doing anything else. Start by thinking about people using your apps or who will use them. This may be quite easier for some users. For those with an existing business, your current customers will form your app users. However, when launching an application that is not an extension of the existing business, you need to think about your potential target market. There is a need to understand how people behave.

For instance, Huawei users will behave differently from Apple users. By understanding your users, you can know how to come up with better apps. You ought to ask yourself the right questions to ensure you start in the best direction.

Determine Who Your Competitors Are

As you know, competitor analysis is an important marketing technique. Unfortunately, it is overlooked by many people. That is because they are focused on the business that they forget to see how the competitors perform. Before even moving forward, you ought to identify who your competitors are. After completing the process, you ought to analyze various components of the operation.

Check whether your competitors are doing better things. There is nothing wrong with learning from people who have success. In fact, you can try their methods by monetizing your free mobile apps. Surprisingly, you may discover that your competitors are not performing well. Learn from their mistakes and avoid them as you implement different changes to the app.

In-App Actions

After understanding the basics of monetizing your free mobile apps, you ought to focus on things that generate money. The main ways free apps make money are in-app purchases and advertisements. Ideally, you can apply one or both methods to the app. Each monetization method has its pros and cons.

In-App Purchases

The good thing about in-app purchases is that they offer additional options and features that enhance the user’s experience with the app. The upgrades improve user experience and increase engagement.


Remember that not every person that downloads your apps will end up purchasing extra features or upgrades. This is where advertising comes in. In this case, you will get paid based on clicks and impressions. Also, the pay is dependent on ads served.

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