How To Upload WordPress Themes And Plugins

by Jason

WordPress 2.7 Themes And Plugins

In today’s post we will look at how to upload a new WordPress theme to your host’s server. I was also going to show you how to upload plugin’s too, yet with the introduction of WordPress 2.7, this is no longer an issue, as you can upload from within the platform.

When it comes to WordPress themes, there are hundreds of sites on the Internet where you can download them for free, of for a small fee. There are also sites where you can get a theme custom designed that will cost a lot more too.

Once you have found a theme that you think might be the look you are trying to achieve, you will have to download it to your local computer. It is usually in a ZIP file, and you should save it to where your website files are, or a folder that you can remember easily.

Now comes the fun part. In order to upload your theme to your server, you will need some FTP software, and the one I use, that also happens to be free, is Filezilla. Download the FTP client, and then run the application. Here you will need to enter your domain name, host user name and hosting password. Hit connect and you should be in to the remote server.

You will have to look through the remote files, and your theme will have to go in the following directory:>>WP-Content>>Themes

You can copy and paste, or drag and drop your unzipped theme folder and dump it in the Themes folder. All you have to do know, is to log in to your WordPress account here: and navigate to the Design>>Themes are, and you will now see the theme that you uploaded. You can click on it, and you will be given a preview of how your site will now look.

If you are happy with the way it looks, simple press activate, and your new theme is ready and active. Not what you were looking for, then you just need to upload some more themes and try again until you do find one that suits your style.

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