Advantages of the HUAWEI site kit

by Jason

The HUAWEI site kit is a function that directs users to the location-based service that they require. The service helps to make the users’ apps accessible to others. For instance, if you are developing an app, you can use the site kit to allow your users to discover the world around them as well as that around others. The feature helps to give you the power to let other people into your world and you into theirs. With the HUAWEI site kit, that app can help users with efficient and safe access to a wide range of places with related services.

Advantages of the HUAWEI site kit

· Core capabilities

Below are some of the core capabilities that the site kit provides for users;

a. Keyword search- This core capability works in the following way; if a user searches for a location for the first time, the data remains on the search engine. This means that when the user comes back to search for the area another time, by simply typing some of the keywords that were used the first time, the search engine will provide options from the database. The feature will help you get to the previously searched list faster than the first time.

b. Nearby place- the kit also allows users to search for nearby places based on their current location, for instance, users can use terms like “hospitals near me,” and the kit will provide efficient information based on the site and the request.

c. Place detail search- sometimes, especially when in a new place, users do not know the exact title of the place they need to search for. However, the site kit allows users to use details like the tallest building in Manhattan to find the place. As long as the details are precise, the site kit will, for sure, produce accurate search results.

d. Place search suggestions- the site kit will return a list of suggested places after every search or before. For instance, if a user searched for a landmark, the site kit will provide suggestions of other landmarks in the same region or near it.

e. Address search- the kit also allows users to use the exact address to search for a place or a site. This, however, depends on whether the site kit supports the country or region. 

· Supported devices

The Huawei site kit is available only for android devices. Also, note that not all android devices are supported. The android device has to be version 4.0.3 or any other later version.

· Global coverage

The site kit can be applied in more than 200 countries and regions across the globe. The kit is also available in a wide range of languages that are spoken by different countries. It supports a total of 13 languages. It also covers more than 130 million places. Therefore, users from a wide range of countries and locations can use it.


The HUAWEI site kit also features a Geocoding and Time Zone function. This means that it can convert coordinated into street addresses and the other way round, and it can also use location organized to calculate real-time zones.

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